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Welcome to the madness!
There's a lot of things I'm proud of, and my nail polish collection is definitively up there.
It has been a while since I took a picture of my whole collection, mostly because it is a pain to put it all together and then organize it back again. But I did it! I put it all together and made a complete list of what I have so... enjoy!

This is my current stash :)
Yeah, I'm out of control...

You can click on them to see them full size :P
Can you recognize them?

As a fun reference, I took a picture of my stash about a year ago and it looked like this...

Cute, huh?
A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig difference...

I also made a post about how my stash looked back then, including all my nail art supplies that you can check out here.

And here are some others of the last time that I actually took the time to organize them.

Also, one of the things I get asked a lot is how I organize them so I have also included a couple of pictures of that, they are not recent, but the system has not changed, just the quantity.

First of all, I swatch them all!
Yup, I try each and every one of them as soon as I get them.
For this I use a nail wheel. Well, I use a LOT of nails wheels!

Here's a little taste. I swatch them by color, except for the crackle, magnetics and multicolor glitters that have  their own categories.
Swatching them is the only way to know true color, texture, quality and all that, I think we all know bottles can be deceiving.

Oh, but before I actually do that, I take the time to put the information in the back of each nail, brand and name. Like this...

Then after I finish doing all that I add them to either my helmer or the racks I made.
If you don't know what a helmer is you can find it here. Those red drawers in the pictures above are from it.
If you want to learn how to create your own nail polish racks, I used this YouTube video by Nicole Guerriero as a reference.

I have 5 completely full racks up, in them I organize my nail polish by brand, then by color.
I don't have a nail room, so I have them between my room and a hall. Like this...

They hold around 600 polishes all together.
The rest of them I have in my helmer, which I also use for nail art supplies and everything else nail related.

Share in the comments how many nail polishes you own and/or how you organize it and store it. Do you do any of the things I do?

If you want to see a full list of all the nail polishes I own, scroll down to see the spreadsheet :)

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But fear no more, you can also find it here.
Last Updated on June 3, 2013

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