Monday, November 26, 2012

Serum No 5 Day Glow - Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Even though I swatched my other indies before, this is the true first one ever!

I just had to have it, I mean, it freaking glows in the dark! How can you resist this amazing polish?

Serum No 5 Day Glow is an icon! It's a must have polish is you want to stay on trend, you just have to.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Stripes

I put my Shany nail stripers to work again, this time for creating a Thanksgiving-ish look with Fall colors and this is the result, I'm getting better at this free-handing thing :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Make Up Your Face, This Time For My Ravens!

You don't have to know me for too long to know that I'm a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens!

A few years ago I didn't know anything about Football, I always thought it was very stupid to sit and watch 20 seconds of action and 20 minutes of commercials over and over again and I just never really got "it".

And oh how wrong I was and how much of a difference it makes to actually understand what's happening, then you can see how those 20 minutes of commercials are sooo worthy when you get the 20 seconds of super exciting action...

So back to nails, the is another of the MUYF Glitter Bombs I got a couple of days ago. It's supposed to be a holiday nail polish, but it turns out that when you mix it with a purple base color like this, it's the perfect Ravens combo!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make Up Your Face Glitter Bomb + Some Striping Tape

Up until now I have only own one indie nail polish. Don't get me wrong, they look amazing! But to be honest, they're not the cheapest, and I can't help but think how many regular nail polishes I can get for what one indie costs.

But today I made an exception, I just really wanted to get some of those amazing glitter bombs that I'm seeing everywhere now. So when Make Up Your Face offered a mystery grab bag for a much more affordable prize, I just couldn't resist, it was a sign!

The downside of buying these is that you don't get to choose what you get, so I was just hoping for the best, and I have to confess I was not disappointed.

Here's what I got

From left to right: Ornaments, Wreaths, & Christmas Treats; Pastel Lover's Paradise; Snow Angel; Girls Rock Your Boys; Funfetti.

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